Hamas to Respond to Gaza Truce Proposal Soon

06 June

The Palestinian movement Hamas is expected to present its response to a truce proposal for the Gaza Strip within the next few days, according to the Egyptian TV channel Al-Qahira Al-Ikhbariya.


A high-ranking source in the Egyptian authorities stated, “Hamas will submit a response regarding the truce proposal in the coming days.” The source mentioned that “intensive contacts have been made recently to resume indirect negotiations for a settlement in the Strip.”


The source added that Cairo “received positive signals from Hamas about the movement's desire for a ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave.” He indicated that Hamas's leadership is “seriously and positively studying the proposals.”


On May 31, US President Joe Biden announced a new draft agreement for a peace settlement consisting of three stages. The first stage, lasting six weeks, calls for a complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli troops from populated areas of Gaza, and the exchange of hostages held by Hamas for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. During this period, negotiations are to begin, with the ceasefire remaining in effect until an agreement is reached. The second phase involves the release of all hostages, including military personnel. The third phase focuses on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the return of the remains of deceased Israelis to their families.


On the same day, Hamas issued a positive assessment of Biden's proposed initiative, stating that the movement is willing to consider proposals for a Gaza settlement if the Israeli side commits to the same basis for negotiations. However, on June 4, Osama Hamdan, a member of Hamas's politburo, expressed skepticism about the US president's conditions, suggesting that Israel has no intention of withdrawing from the Strip and is primarily interested in securing its prisoners, after which it would resume its aggression against the Palestinian people.



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Photo: OneArmedMan/Public Domain

Based on TASS materials