Islamic countries and Russia are targets of Western information wars, Foreign Ministry says

29 July 2021

Russia and the Muslim world should stand together against information wars of the West, said Alexander Bikantov, Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"It is impossible not to mention the factor of the global information war. It is initiated and conducted by the West against countries with value approaches other than neoliberalism. For this purpose, a total negative informational background is formed, all the problems in countries such as Russia, China, Iran, the Muslim world, are inflated and successes are hushed up. The purpose of all this is to weaken the opponents through their maximum discrediting in a global information space," said Bikantov, speaking at the summit "Russia - Islamic world" in Kazan.

Another technique in the information war is the West's division of the world media into "right" and "wrong" that receive money from state budgets, he added.

"The Russian Foreign Ministry is convinced that both Moscow and the Muslim world are objectively interested in preventing information wars and strengthening information multipolarity. One pole is the countries of the East, where everyone has the right to be heard. We are in favor of weakening the monopoly of Western grants," the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

"Our common task is to combat fakes and disinformation, to break down imposed stereotypes and attempts to discredit countries and entire nations on religious or value grounds," he said.

"Only by joining forces with the Muslim world can we confront information wars ... Together we can strengthen the pole of healthy forces and change the balance in the global media environment in favor of justice and law. The split in the world of mass communications, which was initiated by Washington, Paris, Ottawa, and London - these are the four coppers - is aimed at using the information sphere to achieve foreign policy goals," Bikantov added.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from RIA Novosti