Karasin: Russian residents traditionally support strengthening ties with Islamic countries

15 December 2022

Russia is a multinational and multi-confessional country. Its citizens traditionally support strengthening ties with the states practicing Islam. This was announced by Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Grigory Karasin, speaking at the International Conference "Russia - Islamic World: Practical Steps in Media Cooperation", which is taking place in Moscow on Thursday.

The parliamentarian reminded that the conference is held in the year of the 1,100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in Volga Bulgaria. Such major international events as the GSV "Russia - Islamic World" summit and XIII International Economic Summit "Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit 2022," which were attended by over 6,000 delegates from more than 60 countries, including members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, were also timed to the anniversary date this year.  

"Russia highly appreciates the contribution of Islam to the development of the country," Karasin emphasized. 

The purpose of the conference is to discuss ways to establish equal cooperation between Russia and Muslim states, to provide citizens with equal access to truthful, unbiased information. Today's event allows sharing positive experience in ensuring international information security and solving problems of objectivity of modern mass media, the speaker noted. 

"Russia and Muslim countries are united by common approaches to creating a fair multipolar world order <...> We promote the true interests of multilateral cooperation, including in the media field <...> Our civilizations, as bright representatives of traditional values, do not accept attempts to build a unipolar world based on pseudo-liberal approaches," he stated, adding that, in this context, establishing direct cooperation between the Union of OIC news agencies and major media organizations is especially relevant.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"