Lavrov: Russia Convinced After Istanbul Talks that Negotiating with Zelensky is Ineffective

04 April

Russia, following the failure of the Istanbul talks in 2022, has realized that negotiations on the Ukrainian settlement should not involve President Vladimir Zelensky, but rather those who influence his decisions. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters.


"Previously, when Zelensky's legitimacy was unquestioned and universally recognized, it became clear that negotiations should not be held directly with him. The conviction that such negotiations were futile emerged after the failure of the Istanbul talks in April 2022," - the minister emphasized. - "Since then, we have understood that it is more effective to engage with those who have the authority to dictate or permit his actions."


Lavrov pointed out that Ukraine acknowledged the restriction on signing agreements with Russia imposed by former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


"Once the situation becomes clearer, discussions about the possible negotiation format may arise. However, currently, no Western actors seem prepared for such talks. It is doubtful that anyone still takes Zelensky's 'formula' seriously, and if I were individuals concerned about their reputation, I would refrain from mentioning this 'formula', especially for the umpteenth time," Lavrov concluded.



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Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from TASS