Lavrov States Israel is Leveling Neighborhoods in Gaza Strip

13 December 2023

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the situation in the Gaza Strip as dire, accusing Israel of leveling residential neighborhoods. Lavrov made these remarks during the government hour in the Federation Council.


Lavrov stated, "Israel contends it has the right to eliminate Hamas using any means. What we witness in real time is the stark outcome of such a stance. Entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble, with over 18,000 civilians killed, a number that continues to rise daily, and two-thirds of the victims being women and children. The situation is dire."


He expressed regret, noting, "Currently, there's a UN dispute over who will prevail in rhetoric and the ideological struggle. We find ourselves in a disheartening situation."


Lavrov drew attention to Russia's stance. "We cannot endorse Israel's methods against Hamas. While we strongly condemned Hamas' October 7 terrorist attack on Israeli civilians from the start, resulting in a significant number of victims, we cannot deem the methods employed against Hamas as acceptable. Civilians have borne the brunt of these actions," he added.


"I recently heard, I believe it was Mr. Netanyahu, state that the ratio of terrorist casualties to civilian casualties is approximately one to one. However, this claim is challenging to substantiate and deviates significantly from the actual situation," - the Russian foreign minister commented. - "In reality, it's impossible to ascertain the facts due to the immense challenges faced by UN personnel. Movement within the Gaza Strip is hindered, and merely being present is a formidable task. Moreover, it's worth noting that approximately 100 UN employees, an unprecedented number for any conflict, have lost their lives in the Gaza Strip."

Lavrov emphasized the immediate need to halt the ongoing bloodshed and ensure the adherence to all international humanitarian law norms. This includes safeguarding civilians during hostilities and preventing indiscriminate shelling of areas that might house civilian infrastructure and, more importantly, civilians.



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Photo: CyberComputers\Pixabay

Based on materials from TASS