Media: Afghan council of elders begins work in Kabul

30 June


The All-Afghan Council of Elders (Loya Jirga) began its work in the capital, Kabul, on Thursday. The meeting brings together Mohammad Hasan Akhund, chairman of the interim government formed by the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) that seized power in Afghanistan, as well as about 3,500 Islamic scholars (ulema) and tribal elders from across Afghanistan, Ariana News television reported.

It is expected that during the three days the participants of the Loya Jirga will discuss the urgent problems of today's Afghanistan, primarily the economic crisis and unemployment, as well as the situation of education for girls in high schools (after the sixth grade). According to the Kabul News TV channel, discussions during the elders' meeting may be broadcast on the radio, but no television coverage of the Loya Jirga meetings is envisaged.



The last time the Loya Jirga was convened in Afghanistan was in August 2020, a year before the Taliban came to power in Kabul.

The Taliban launched a massive operation to take control of Afghanistan after the US announced in the spring of 2021 the decision to withdraw its military forces from the country. On August 15 of that year, the Taliban entered Kabul without a fight. On September 6, the radicals declared their control over the entire Afghan territory and the next day announced the composition of the provisional government, whose legitimacy has not yet been recognized by any country.



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Based on materials from TASS