Media: Chad's President Favored in Upcoming Presidential Elections

02 May

Chad's Transitional President, Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, emerges as the frontrunner in the forthcoming May 6 elections to lead one of Africa's largest states, as reported by Agence France-Presse. Most political observers view him as the favorite candidate.


However, Chad finds itself in an unusual predicament, with both President Déby and Prime Minister Succès Masra vying for the highest office. Prime Minister Masra, formerly an opposition leader, was appointed to his current position by the head of state four months ago, as part of efforts to engage the opposition in the country's transition to civilian rule.


Observers speculate on two potential scenarios. In the first scenario, Déby secures a decisive victory, given the absence of a significant challenger among the other nine candidates, and Masra's candidacy serves as a strategy to maintain the status quo with both individuals retaining their current roles. Alternatively, in the second scenario, Masra presents genuine competition, leading to a runoff election.


In late 2023, Chad's Supreme Court endorsed the country's new constitution, establishing the Fifth Republic and paving the way for general elections to facilitate a return to civilian governance. This development holds immense significance for Chad, Africa's fifth-largest country, where military coups have historically dominated the political landscape since independence in 1960.


The new constitution mandates Chad as a unitary state and reinstates the position of prime minister, accountable to the parliament.


The Constitutional Court has cleared a total of 10 candidates for the upcoming elections, with Déby and Masra emerging as the primary contenders for victory. The remaining candidates are anticipated to garner only a minor share of the votes.


Chad's elections are scheduled for May 6, with a runoff to be held if no candidate secures a majority of 50% plus one vote.



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Based on materials from TASS