Moscow Muslims have helped thousands of needy families in the Middle East

01 June 2020

Muslims of Moscow provide assistance not only to their fellow citizens and labor migrants, but also to their fellow believers outside Russia, in particular, thousands of needy families in Lebanon, Yemen and Palestine have been provided with food, the Mufti of Moscow Ildar Alyautdinov told RIA Novosti.

"Muslims of Moscow provide great assistance not only to Russians and migrant workers, who due to the difficult situation have been left without work, but also to people outside our state," he said.

Thus, according to the religious leader, more than a month ago he contacted believers from Lebanon, who complained about the critical situation in the country - "people have nothing to eat". Both Lebanese and Syrian families, who have refugee status in this country, experience a poor situation.

"We have helped 1,000 families in Lebanon, 1,500 families in Palestine and 1,000 families in Yemen. We have raised and transferred funds to purchase food sets, each of which should be enough for one family for several weeks in advance," Alyautdinov said.

Muslims in Moscow, he said, are ready to continue supporting and helping those in need.

"We understand that it is difficult for us now too and many people are in need near us. But we also understand that there are also people in need outside of our country", concluded the Mufti of Moscow.


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Photo: Sergei Grits / AP / TASS