Moscow turbines to be installed at wind farms in Saudi Arabia and Vietnam

12 January 2023

Innovation Systems Group, a Moscow-based manufacturer of industrial wind turbines, will deliver its units to Saudi Arabia and Vietnam in 2023, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations of Moscow Alexey Fursin told TASS on Thursday.


"Moscow innovation cluster holds technological competitions in different fields, where startups can offer their technologies to large corporations and partners. Often such projects result in cooperation agreements. Already in 2023, the winner of the technological contest Green Tech StartUp Booster, a manufacturer of industrial wind turbines - Innovation Systems Group - will deliver its installations to Saudi Arabia and Vietnam," Fursin said.


According to him, Innovation Systems Group is the only manufacturer of industrial wind turbines in Russia, the localization of production is already over 90% and can easily be brought to 100% if specialized manufacturers of electrical generators and suppliers of blade carbon fabrics join this program. The company presented a project of twin-rotor wind turbines based on the principle of gas turbines as part of the competition.


The company plans to deliver one to Saudi Arabia and three to Vietnam in 2023. Another 30 units are planned to be delivered to Vietnam in 2024, the head of the department added.


Green Tech StartUp Booster contest is a joint program of support and implementation of innovative projects in the field of ecology and sustainable development from Skolkovo Foundation and the Moscow Innovation Cluster.



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Photo: PxHere/CC0

Based on materials from TASS