Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad on Wednesday

28 October 2020


Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad on the night of Thursday. The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (DSMR), Mufti Albir Krganov, congratulated fellow believers on this important day.

"I congratulate all my fellow believers and citizens on the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad - the greatest personality. There is no beloved creature for Muslims other than the Prophet," Krganov said.

According to the tradition, the Mufti noted, on this day Muslims will come to the mosque and will read salawats - praises to the Prophet Muhammad. Usually, treats and sweets are prepared, relatives and friends are invited, he added.

"In the Spiritual Assembly, we also usually hold educational events, including children's ones, where we tell about the life of the Prophet and give gifts to children. But this year, because of the coronavirus, we will not be able to organize it. Perhaps, we will do something online,"  the Mufti said.

He also wished the believers "not to forget their roots" and to do more good deeds.

"Be merciful, sensitive to each other, pay attention to those who need our support the most - these are children, orphans, widows and the elderly. I wish everyone happiness, and may the Almighty take care of us", summed up the interlocutor of the agency.

Mawlid, or Birthday of Prophet Muhammad, is an annual holiday of Muslims from different countries. The Prophet Muhammad was born at night on the 12th of the third month (Rabi ul Awwal). According to the Gregorian calendar adopted in Russia - it happened on April 22, 577 in Mecca (now Saudi Arabia).


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Based on materials from RIA Novosti