Nebenzia: escalation around the Gaza Strip was provoked by Israeli air strikes

09 August 2022

Israeli air strikes on August 5 provoked the escalation around the Gaza Strip, and Palestinian groups started massive firing in response, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia said on Monday, speaking at a meeting of the world organization's Security Council on the situation around the Gaza Strip. 

"The rapid deterioration of the situation in the conflict zone, which has resulted in armed confrontation and numerous human casualties, causes us deep concern," he said. - "Another escalation was provoked by Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip on August 5, in response to which Palestinian groups began massive indiscriminate shelling of Israeli territory." 

Nebenzia noted the truce achieved by the parties. "We welcomed with relief and satisfaction the ceasefire declared in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict," he continued. - "For our part, from the very beginning we engaged in vigorous work in the interests of a cessation of hostilities and held intensive contacts with key regional partners. We note in particular the mediation efforts of the leadership of Egypt and Qatar, which ultimately made it possible to reach an agreement on a ceasefire. The UN, including [UN Secretary-General's Special Coordinator for the Middle East] Mr. Tor Wennesland, made an important contribution to resolving the situation."

The Russian diplomat called on "all the parties involved to show maximum restraint, observe the norms of international humanitarian law and prevent a new escalation of hostilities."

On August 5, the Israeli army announced the beginning of the Operation Breaking Dawn against the Islamic Jihad in Gaza. During the 56-hour operation, radicals fired 1,100 rockets into Israel, 200 of which landed in the enclave itself. The Israeli army hit 170 of the group's military targets. On August 7 the Israeli authorities confirmed that with the mediation of Egypt it was possible to reach an agreement which would allow to start a cease-fire regime in the Gaza Strip from 23:30 (Moscow time) of the same day. Israel reserved the right to use force if the agreement was violated.



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS