Nebenzya: Russia Leads Efforts to Resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

26 April

The Russian Federation is at the forefront of countries seeking a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and is exerting every effort toward this goal. This was stated by Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, in an exclusive interview with TASS First Deputy Director-General Mikhail Gusman.


"Recently, unfortunately, we were unable to settle a debt with the Palestinians that is more than 70 years old, and as a result of the United States' veto, Palestine could not gain a voice in the UN, let alone become a recognized state like Israel," - he said. - "We are doing everything in our power to help resolve this crisis. I want to say without false modesty that Russia is at the forefront of these efforts."


Nebenzya emphasized that Russia, unlike many other countries, has the ability to "speak directly about what is happening," and this is "highly valued not only by Arab and Muslim countries, but also globally."


The United States exercised its veto power in the UN Security Council on April 18 and blocked an Algerian draft resolution to admit Palestine as a full member of the organization. Twelve members of the Security Council, including Russia and China, voted in favor of the resolution recommending Palestine's admission to the UN as a full member. Switzerland and the UK abstained, while the US opposed the draft resolution.



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Photo: Zuma\TASS

Based on materials from TASS