Russia gave the military equipment for 385 million rubles as a gift to Kyrgyzstan

29 April 2019

The party of military equipment in the amount of more than 385 million rubles Russia transferred to Kyrgyzstan for free use.



At the ceremony of transfer at the Russian air base in Kant, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has claimed that we are talking about two multi-purpose helicopters of the middle class MI-8MT and nine armored reconnaissance and patrol cars.



This technique, in his words, in conditions of mountainous terrain and inaccessibility of many settlements will help in transportation and search and rescue operations, as well as increase the combat capability and mobility of ground forces units.



The fact that the transfer of equipment takes place on the Russian aviation base Shoigu called remarkable, because it is "an important component of the Collective Rapid Deployment Force of the CSTO and is intended to repel military aggression and counter-terrorist operations."



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