Russian Foreign Ministry: Small Number of Russians Remain in Gaza Strip

28 December 2023

Yuri Gorlach, the director of the Situation and Crisis Center (SCC) department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, announced that a limited number of Russian citizens are still present in the Gaza Strip, and efforts are being made to assist them individually. Speaking at a briefing, Gorlach provided insights into the situation.


"According to information from our foreign missions, some of our citizens are still in the Gaza Strip. The number is small at this point. Some have not received authorizations from the relevant authorities, while others have voluntarily chosen to stay due to the absence of authorization for their relatives," he stated.


"Our foreign missions are closely monitoring the situation, and to the extent possible, we are providing individual assistance to those in need," the diplomat added.


Permits for the evacuation from the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing have been secured for approximately 1,300 people, Gorlach revealed.


"In total, our foreign institutions have obtained permission for approximately 1,300 individuals to pass through the Rafah crossing," the diplomat stated.


Gorlach explained that during the entire evacuation period, 1,125 people departed through the designated border crossing and arrived in Russia via special flights organized by the Ministry of Emergencies. "Among them, 644 are Russian citizens, and 473 are Palestinians, who are family members of Russian citizens," he said. "We also successfully evacuated citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Sweden, and Morocco."



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from TASS