Russian MFA comments on Russian citizens in Libya

07 May 2020

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to use all available opportunities to release Russian citizens detained in 2019 in Libya, a statement issued on Wednesday by the Ministry reads. This, as noted, is about employees of the Foundation for national values protection (FZNC) Maxim Shugaley and Samer Sueifan.

"The Foreign Ministry will continue working persistently for the unconditional liberation of Mr Shugaley and Mr Sueifan as soon as possible.  It will continue using all available opportunities and channels to influence the Libyan authorities," the message reads in particular.

The Foreign Ministry has been advising Russian citizens to avoid visiting Libya and Russian companies to refrain from sending their employees to Libya  for several years now. 

As for the current case of Maxim Shugaley who flew to Libya on March 14, 2019 with his interpreter Samer Sueifan to conduct a public opinion poll for a sociological study, the Foreign Ministry learned about his trip and arrest in Tripoli two months later on May 17, 2019 from media reports. 

The authorities of Libya accused of Shugaley and Sueifan in alleged interference in the elections. They are currently being held in a prison in the suburbs of Tripoli. The Foundation appealed to the Investigative Committee of Russia in connection with the" illegal detention in Libya " of two of its employees.

In October last year, the Foreign Ministry reported that the Russian Federation is in contact with the Libyan side on the issue of detained Russians in order to release them as soon as possible.


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Photo: Creative Commons