Russian MFA comments on the Launch of Military Operation by the European Union

06 April 2020

The Information and Press Department of the Russian MFA commented on the launch of  a new military operation “Irini” in the Mediterranean, with its main goal defined as supporting implementation of the UN arms embargo imposed on Libya.

'We will closely follow how effective “Irini” will be, especially against the backdrop of escalation of the conflict in Libya and reports of increased violations of the UN arms embargo. We have warned our European partners that the operation should be in full compliance with international law," the message reads.

It is also noted that “arms sanctions” were introduced by the UN Security Council as a measure that would contribute to the settlement of the Libyan conflict. The UN Security Council established in 2016 a special procedure for inspections on the high seas off the coast of Libya.  During this time, only individual inspections of suspicious vessels were carried out.

In general, the effectiveness of “Sophia” in this field has been low, and last year saw indeed a suspension of the work of its maritime component," the message notes.

According due the MFA, imbalance in the matter could negatively affect international efforts to promote dialogue between the opposing Libyan parties.


GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Creative Commons