Rustam Minnikhanov has published an appeal on the occasion of the Day of Islam adoption by the Volga Bulgaria.

21 May 2019


President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, who heads the Group of Strategic Vision "Russia-Islamic World", has congratulated compatriots on the Day of the official adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria.



According to the message published by the press service of the Head of the Republic, it is written:

“Dear Tatarstan people!

Dear compatriots!

I cordially congratulate you on a significant memorable date - the Day of the official adoption of Islam by Itil Bulgaria.


In 922, the souls of our ancestors, by the grace of the Almighty, lit up the blessed light of Islam, which to this day warms and inspires us, claiming in the pursuit of salvation, spiritual perfection, peace and creation. Today - after almost eleven centuries - in ancient Bolgar, as well as throughout Tatarstan, the melodic azan calling to prayer sounds again, and in the recently opened Bulgarian Islamic Academy, Muslim education and theological thought are developed.


Returning to the sources, we are deeply respected and sincerely love our great history, original culture and native language. The gray stones of the Ancient Bolgar preserve the memory of glorious eras, brave heroes and pious devotees of the faith, whose invaluable works received worldwide recognition and found their continuation in the works of famous Tatar enlighteners. It is gratifying that thanks to state support, the efforts of the Republican Foundation "Renaissance", Muslim religious leaders, scholars and all concerned citizens, our legendary spiritual cradle regains its former glory".



At the present time, according to the President of Tatarstan, the activity of studying, preserving and developing the rich theological heritage inherited from our ancestors takes on special significance.



“I am confident that the current celebration of the Day of the Official Adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria, which falls on the holy month of Ramazan, will greatly contribute to the fulfillment of this noble mission”, Rustam Minnikhanov emphasized.



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