Saudi Arabian Army hit a drone with explosives

24 May 2019

Saudi Air Defense Forces have shot down a drone with explosives, which Yemeni rebels-Houthis from the “Ansar Allah” movement have tried to attack the airport in the city of Najran.    



This was announced at a briefing Turki al-Maliki, the Official Representative of the Arab Coalition.



In May, the airport has opened in Saudi Najran 4 years after closing due to the war with Yemen, RIA Novosti reports.



“The Houthis terrorist group has attempted to strike at the regional airport in Najran, which is used daily by thousands of civilians, with the help of a drone with Masira explosives, shot down this afternoon by the forces of the kingdom’s air defends”, al-Maliki noted.



An Arab coalition Spokesman has accused the Houthis of the north of Yemen for attacking civilian targets in the kingdom and violating international humanitarian law, demanding immunity to civilian targets.



Last weekend, the Houthis claimed that in response to a coalition bombing led by Saudi Arabia, Yemeni cities are launching a large-scale campaign using 300 UAVs against vital objects in KSA and the UAE.



 Also, last week they hit the kingdom’s central pipeline. As a result, oil pumping through it for several days was suspended.



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