Syria Holds Israel and US Accountable for Escalation in Middle East

15 April

Syria places the blame on Israel and the United States for any potential escalation in the Middle East, asserted Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN Qusay al-Dahhak during a UN Security Council meeting convened on Sunday following the Iranian strike on Israeli military targets.


"Syria holds the Israeli occupation authorities and the US administration accountable for the Israeli attacks and any further escalation that jeopardizes peace and security in the region," stated the diplomat.


Al-Dahhak further emphasized the importance of ending the US military presence in Syria and halting the systematic exploitation of Syria's national resources.


"It is important to terminate your [US] unlawful military presence on Syrian soil. We must cease the systematic exploitation of our national resources," he stressed.


Additionally, the Syrian permanent representative underscored that the escalation in the Middle East stems from Israel's aggression and flagrant violations of international law, with backing from the US.



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Photo: anjči/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS