Tajikistan reported the opening of a new transport corridor from China to Turkey

20 October 2022

The ministry of transport of Tajikistan announced the opening of a new transport corridor from China to Turkey through Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

The press service of the ministry reported on Thursday that "through the China - Tajikistan - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan - Iran - Turkey multimodal corridor cargo from the People's Republic of China will be delivered to the city of Kulyab (Tajikistan), which is a free economic zone of Tajikistan and which will become a trade, transit and industrial hub of the republic."

Cargo will be shipped from Kulyab to Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan - Iran - Turkey by rail, the ministry said.

According to the press service, at the scientific-practical conference "Logistics and its advantages in the development of transport communications of Tajikistan with the states in the region," held in Dushanbe on October 18-19, Minister of Transport of Tajikistan Azim Ibrohim said that the conference "gave an effective start to the use of the new corridor."

On Wednesday, Turkmen and Iranian media reported that the first cargo train had already left Tajikistan for Turkey.



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Photo: PxHere/CC0

Based on materials from TASS