Russian authorities confirmed the preparation of Putin's visit to Saudi Arabia

10 June 2019


Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Saudi Arabia in October this year. Oficial Riyadh expects that this visit, as stated by the Russian-Saudi Intergovernmental Commission Co-Chair Khalid Al-Falih, will give impetus to the development of relations between two countries.



“We expect our relations to receive even greater impetus during the visit of President Vladimir Putin to Saudi Arabia, which is scheduled for October of this year,” the Saudi Minister quoted RIA Novosti, in particular.



“We attach great importance to this preparation, we have a partner, very effective relationship with Saudi Arabia. We continue to prepare, we will make the corresponding official statement, ” the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov noted.



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Photo by Сергей Савостьянов/ТАСС