The XII Republican Iftar was held in Tatarstan

01 April


The XII Republican Iftar was held in Kazan - the capital of Tatarstan, on March 29, 2024, on the 19th day of the holy month of Ramadan. From this year, one of the largest evenings of breaking the fast in the country comes under the auspices of the Group of Strategic Vision “Russia - Islamic World” to solve problems of strengthening international business ties of the Russian Federation with the countries of the Islamic world.

The Republican Iftar has been organized annually since 2013 by the Religious Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan (RBM RT), the Directorate of the “Ak Bars Arena” stadium and the “Tugan Avylym” national tourism complex. Since 2021, Iftar has been held at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Center, which hosted 12 thousand people this year.

The event was attended by Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the GSV “Russia - Islamic World” Rustam Minnikhanov, State Advisor of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev and other various levels leaders of Tatarstan, Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Kirill, Head of the Hajj Mission of Russia Khizbulla Asuyev, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Qatar in Russia Abdurrahman bin Saleh al-Quwari, General Consul of Turkmenistan in Kazan Guych Garayev, General Consul of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kazan Dawood Mirzakhani, General Consul of the Republic of Türkiye in Kazan Yilmaz Ugur, General Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazan Erlan Iskhakov, General Consul of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Kazan Eric Beishembiev, First Secretary of the General Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazan Kamol Davronov and others.

Among the people invited to the Grand Majlis “Avyz Achu” were also Muslims from all over Tatarstan, including participants of the Special Military Operation and their families, people in need and people with special educational disabilities, managers at various levels, business representatives, guests from the regions, and officials. Iftar was attended by 200 wards of the «Zakat» Charitable Foundation of the RBM RT. Free commuter trains were available for Kazan residents to the event venue.

Already from 15.00, invited participants began to arrive to the Republican Iftar site at the Kazan Expo IEC. In the foyer of the exhibition center there was a market with colorful products according to halal standards, as well as expositions of organizations established by the Religious Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan. On the media panels installed in the foyer, there were shots from past large-scale evenings of breaking the fast that took place in Tatarstan.

At 17.00 the Majlis was officially opened by the Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin. This year, the rich cultural program of the Republican Iftar was compiled within the framework of the Year of the Family announced in Russia, as well as within the framework of the Year of Family and Halal Lifestyle, announced in the Religious Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan. After the greeting of fellow believers, sermons by famous religious figures of Tatarstan followed on the topic of family values, which, in turn, alternated with performances by the soloists of the group “Nashidul Islam” and Tatarstan performers.

The honorable guest at the Iftar was SMO veteran Aidar Yagudin, who from the stage expressed his gratitude to the Muslims of Tatarstan and to RBM RT for their support of the fighters in the combat zone. Special attention in the program was paid to collective dua for the people of Palestine, for the victims of the terrorist attack in “Crocus City Hall” and for the well-being of the Motherland.

As part of the Republican Iftar, were also summed up the results of the competition of the RBM RT “Nurly Ramadan” for the best design of public places in honor of the holy month. The absolute winner was the house of Mukmina Khabibullina from the village of Tuembash at the Kukmor district. Contestants from different parts of Tatarstan decorated 52 locations: private houses, mosques, shops, cafes.

As the time for sunset prayer approached, Muslims drank the water they received in bottles at the entrance to the exhibition center. Then, following Mufti Kamil Hazrat and together with Rais of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov, believers performed a collective Maghrib prayer.

The XII Republican Iftar meal took place in another pavilion, where volunteers were waiting for guests with the laid tables. Traditionally, the main treat was pilaf. In the pavilion, volunteers regulated the movement of participants and the filling of the room.

Over 700 volunteers aged 16 years and older were recruited to meet the guests of the Republican Iftar, organize the recitation of collective prayer, serve dishes and subsequently clean up. They set the tables, distributed bottled water to the Iftar participants, and acted as stewards to meet and escort guests from the Aeroexpress to the place of prayer and “avyz achu”, and then gathered the tables at the conclusion of the Majlis.

After the Iftar, the organizers of the event met with journalists: Mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin, general director of the Ak Bars Arena stadium Radik Minnakhmetov and co-owner of the national tourism complex “Tugan Avylym” famous Tatar philanthropist Radik Abdrakhmanov. They shared with journalists their impressions of the results of the XII Republican Iftar and answered questions.

Kamil hazrat Samigullin noted with gratitude to the Almighty the successful holding of the XII Republican Iftar. “Actually, it is international. If you look, there are not only guests from neighboring countries”, the Mufti of Tatarstan answered one of the questions, recalling the representatives of nine consulates who took part in the Iftar, including the Second Secretary of the Embassy of Qatar in Russia. Kamil Hazrat also spoke about planning work to expand the geography of participants next year.

The main message of the XII Republican Iftar Kamil hazrat Samigullin called the unification of the country's believers in a warm and lively festive atmosphere, sincere hugs and smiles. The Mufti of Tatarstan paid special attention to the joint dua in the Tatar language made after Maghrib prayer for the victims of the terrorist attack in Moscow, as well as for peace throughout the world and all believers.

“In Tatarstan, I repeat this, no one will be surprised by the proximity of an Orthodox church and a mosque”, recalled Kamil hazrat. The mufti of the republic considers the multi-confessional way of life of Kazan to be the “highlight” of Tatarstan. Kamil hazrat Samigullin also expressed confidence that the Republican Iftar has gained fame as an all-Russian festive event. This is evidenced by the interest of participants from Moscow, the Chechen Republic, and Dagestan.

Co-owner of the “Tugan Avylym” complex, one of the organizers of the iftar, Radik Abdrakhmanov, noted the annual improvement in the work on the event. “We try to please our guests”, the organizer shared with reporters, talking about the traditional Republican Iftar menu and the use of environmentally friendly tableware. Radik Abdrakhmanov emphasized the coherence of the team, which has been holding the largest evening of breaking the fast in the country for the 12th year.

Kamil hazrat Samigullin , as well as the co-organizers of the Republican Iftar, Radik Abdrakhmanov and Radik Minnakhmetov, after the completion of the Majlis , also met with volunteers who worked for three days at the site of the Kazan Expo IEC. The Mufti of Tatarstan thanked them for their work, emphasizing that volunteers are the main force of the event and reminded the volunteers of the rewards of the Almighty for their invaluable work.

Kamil Hazrat wished the volunteers patience and endurance and encouraged them to do good deeds. The instructions of the Mufti of Tatarstan and the valuable experience of working in a large team aroused great interest and inspiration among many young people. Among the Republican Iftar volunteers were students from various educational institutions in Kazan, including foreigners and children who specially came from the regions of Tatarstan. Middle-aged and even elderly people also joined the volunteer movement.

On the way out after Iftar all participants received a memorable gift - an updated edition of the Quran “Kazan Basma”. A copy of the same name was published in 1803 at the Asian Printing House of Kazan and went down in history as the first printed Quran to receive theological recognition in the Muslim world. The publication was published with the financial support of the General Directorate of Awqaf Affairs under the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Qatar.



It’s important to note that when organizing the XII Republican Iftar, security issues were a priority. In agreement with the organizers, the number of employees of the private security organization was increased, who carried out their functions both inside the main building and throughout the entire complex.



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