Turkey Calls on Israel to Fulfill UN Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

11 June

The Turkish Foreign Ministry called the UN Security Council's Gaza ceasefire resolution an important step to end the conflict and said Israel must fully comply with all conditions.


"We consider the UNSC Resolution 2735 adopted by the UNSC on June 10 to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip as an important step to end the massacre in the Gaza Strip. We welcome Hamas' constructive and positive approach to this ceasefire plan. It is imperative that Israel commit to a permanent ceasefire and fully implement all provisions of this decision,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


Ankara, the ministry said, “will continue to contribute to steps that will ensure the end of the war, Israel's withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip, the mutual release of hostages and prisoners, the return of displaced Palestinians to the Strip, the uninterrupted and sufficient delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza and the reconstruction of the Strip.”


On June 10, the UN Security Council adopted a U.S. draft resolution in support of the Gaza truce deal, Russia abstained from voting on the document. Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that Russia had a number of questions to the resolution, in particular, the details of the deal were not clarified.


The US-proposed resolution consists of seven points, the first of which is a call for Hamas to accept the agreement. It “calls on all parties to fully implement its provisions without conditions or delay.” In addition, the document emphasizes that if consultations on the truce drag on for more than six weeks, “the ceasefire will remain in effect as long as negotiations are ongoing.” The resolution also calls on all UN member states to support the implementation of the agreement and reaffirms the commitment to resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine on the basis of peaceful coexistence of the two states.



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Photo: sulox32/Pixabay

Based on TASS materials