US and British Forces Bomb Sana'a

12 January

On Friday night, the city of Sana'a and several other settlements in Yemen faced airstrikes conducted by US and British aircraft, according to reports from the leadership of the Yemeni rebel movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis), as conveyed by Al Jazeera.


The port city of Al Hudaydah, located in western Yemen, is reportedly under intense shelling. Al Hadath reports that US and British armed forces are targeting Houthi facilities in the area. Additionally, Ansar Allah camps in Hajjah province are also said to be under bombardment by the US and UK military.


Eyewitnesses in Sana'a reported hearing three explosions, as cited by Reuters.



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Photo: yeowatzup/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS