Wajdi Sindi: Russia is an integral part of the Islamic world

15 December 2022

Russia, as an observer in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), is an integral part of the Islamic world. This was stated by Director of the OIC Information Development Department Wajdi Sindi, speaking at the International Conference "Russia - Islamic World: Practical Steps in Media Cooperation," taking place Thursday in Moscow.

"Russia is considered a very active observer of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. I would like to emphasize that this event fully corresponds to the goals and objectives of the OIC, which strives to ensure that events are covered in the media in a truthful and objective way <...> We strive to ensure that cooperation between Russia and the OIC in the media sphere becomes strategic and promotes more objective information about Russian policies in various fields", stressed the speaker, expressing hope that the conference will become a turning point in the development of Russia - OIC relations, including in the fight against Islamophobia. 

The organizers of the International Conference "Russia - Islamic World: Practical Steps in Media Cooperation" are the Group of Strategic Vision "Russia - Islamic World", the International News Agency Sputnik, the Union of OIC News Agencies (UNA).

Key questions to be discussed include the current state of cooperation between media outlets of Russia and the Islamic world; possibilities of implementing joint programs/projects/initiatives in the media field; additional measures for more efficient media cooperation in the future; the venue and topics of the next "Russia - Islamic world" conference for the journalists and its topic.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"