The cultural heritage of Ancient Bolgar

02 November 2022

Executive Director of the Foundation for Strategic Dialogue and Partnership, Doctor of Political Science, member of the Group of Strategic Vision Group "Russia - Islamic World" Elmira Sadykova took part in the International Academic Congress "XVIII Faiskhanov Readings: Islam in Russia: Past, Present, Future", which opened yesterday in Moscow. 

The expert made a report on "Ancient Bolgar, history and modernity of the cultural heritage monuments" at the section "Islamic monuments of UNESCO in Russia: research and tourism potential", which was held on November 1, 2022. 

The congress is timed to the 1,100th anniversary of the official adoption of Islam by the peoples of the Volga Bulgaria, the Year of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia and National Unity Day. 

The congress held from October 31 to November 3 will be one of the central events of the current anniversary year. The program of the congress includes over a dozen of multidisciplinary scientific sessions and round tables, devoted to a wide thematic agenda of research of Islam in Russia and its adherents: history of material culture of Islam in Russia; history and culture of Derbent; Islam in Russia from the Bulgar State to the Russian Empire; Islam in the Russian Empire; Islam in the USSR; history of Islam in Russia in archival sources; written monuments of Islam in Russia; Islam in Russia in local history and historical regional studies; Muslim peoples of Russia in ethnographic and anthropological research; political science and social anthropology of Islam in Russia; Muslim philosophy and theology in Russia; Islamic studies in Russia; Quranic studies in Russia; culture of Muslim peoples of Russia; Islam in the museum space.

Within the framework of the congress, a number of solemn events will take place: an extended plenary session, presentation of the eight-volume encyclopedic dictionary "Islam in the Russian Federation" and a new book series "Islamic Thought in Russia: Revival and Reconsideration", timed to the 15th anniversary of "Medina" media holding, exhibition of Quran manuscripts "Most Beautiful Truth" in the State Museum of Oriental Art, as well as a reception with participation of religious, public and political figures, representatives of science and culture.



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