In Chechnya, newborns named after Prophet Muhammad will receive 100 000 rubles

29 October 2020


The Akhmat Haji Kadyrov Regional Public Foundation will pay 100 000 rubles to each family that names children born between October 28 and October 29 after Prophet Muhammad, as well as after his family members or closest associates. The charity event is scheduled to coincide with the Prophet’s birthday, Chechnya’s Minister for Press and Information Akhmed Dudayev said to TASS on Wednesday.


“As part of this campaign, from today’s midnight to tomorrow’s midnight, all newborn children in the Chechen Republic who are named after our beloved Prophet, his family members, his honorable wives and closest associates will receive 100 000 rubles each. This campaign is held annually in honor of the birthday of the Prophet, but this year it will become more widespread. Last year, only boys received payments”, Dudayev said.


According to him, mass religious events and the exhibition of Prophet Muhammad’s relics will be held in the republic within the framework of the celebration. “This action is especially significant for us in the context of recent events (in France)”, he added.


Muslims celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad on the 12th day of the third month of the lunar calendar. On this day, believers hold festive events, where they remember Prophet’s life, pray, read the Quran, donate money and food to the poor and do other good deeds.


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Photo: RitaE / Pixabay