Kadyrov ordered to remove the images of Marvel heroes in the children's game center

17 November 2020


Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov ordered to remove the characters of American films and Marvel comics from the walls of the children's play center in Kurchaloy and replace them with national heroes.

As Kadyrov told on his page in the social network "VKontakte," he visited with the inspection a new residential high-rise complex in Kurchaloy, checked its readiness and "made small adjustments in the design of children's playgrounds". The walls in one of the buildings were decorated with drawings with popular characters of the Marvel universe - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man.

"It is necessary to remove the images of these imaginary characters, they are fantasies. <...> Place the pictures of our real heroes. We have many real heroes in the history of religion and people, from which we can and should take an example because they think that only these heroes exist," Kadyrov said to the officials accompanying him.

He noted that the new high-rise complex includes two nine-storied, four eight-storied and three seven-storied houses with 264 apartments, as well as shopping and office premises. According to Kadyrov, he intends to turn Kurchaloy "into one of the most comfortable, beautiful cities not only in the republic but also in Russia".

The former district center of Kurchaloy with a population of over 26 thousand people was transformed into a city in 2019 by the decision of the Chechen parliament.


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Photo: Elena Afonina / TASS

Based on materials from RIA Novosti