Putin offered Kadyrov to run for a new term in the elections of the head of Chechnya

23 June 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, to run for re-election as Chechnya's leader. The elections are scheduled for September 19, the single voting day.

" A lot has been done, and there is still more to do. You work effectively, you know the situation inside out, so I think you should go to the polls and continue your work," Putin said during a video call with Kadyrov on Wednesday. He wished the head of Chechnya success.

For his part, Kadyrov thanked the President for his trust and support and said he was ready "to fulfill any order, any instruction".

According to the President, Chechnya under Kadyrov became one of the safest regions of Russia. "With your personal involvement, direct and sometimes really direct, Chechnya has become one of the safest regions of the Russian Federation. This is absolutely certain," he stated, referring to Kadyrov.

Putin noted Kadyrov's merits not only in the fight against terrorists, but also in the development of the Chechen economy and the improvement of Grozny. "Much has been done. I must honestly say, but it is one thing to lead anti-terrorist units, and another thing to lead the economy. But I was pleased to see that the economy in your republic is seriously developing under your leadership," the head of state told Kadyrov.

Putin drew attention to the state of Grozny, noting that the city is now "unrecognizable." "Not even from the time when it was in ruins as a result of the fighting, but even from the Soviet times, when it was in a seemingly normal condition," the President added. - "But Grozny today is radically different from what it was in Soviet times".



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Photo: Elena Afonina / TASS

Based on materials from TASS