The first mosque and church complex was opened in Chechnya for the Rosgvardia brigade

23 December 2020


The first mosque and church complex in the history of the Rosgvardia was opened on the territory of the 46th Independent Brigade of Operational Assignment in Grozny, RIA Novosti reports. The ceremony was attended by Rosgvardia director Viktor Zolotov and Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

At the opening ceremony, Zolotov said that Russia is a country that supports traditional values, with religious institutions acting as a reliable support. "The opening of the temple complex is a symbol of the inseparable connection between past and present, a symbol of religious and universal beliefs. I am sure that everyone who needs help will find that help in this temple complex," the Rosgvardia director stressed.

Kadyrov noted that the opening of the complex demonstrates the unity of the two religions and the unity of the peoples of multinational Russia. "A year ago, during the laying of capsules, I emphasized the historical significance of the creation of the country's first temple complex, which unites the Orthodox Church and a mosque... Islam and Christianity call for love and respect for everyone, and we declare: no one will succeed in causing hatred between us," said the Chechen head.

The complex consists of an Orthodox church, named after the Holy Prince Daniil of Moscow, and a mosque, which will be named after the hero of the Soviet Union Movlid Visaitov. A unifying memorial sign - a stone with sayings from the Koran and the Gospel - is placed in the central part between the temples. The Orthodox church is designed in the traditions of the Vladimir-Suzdal architecture, the mosque was built in the Byzantine-Turkish tradition, told the press service of the Rosgvardia.

The temples are similar in proportions and identical in size: an area of 12 by 16 meters, a height of 25 meters. Each of them can seat up to 200 people at a time. According to the press service, this is the first project of this kind in the history of Rosgvardia troops.

Construction of the spiritual complex began in late April of last year. The project was funded by the Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov Regional Public Foundation.


GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: IA "Grozny-inform"