Ingushetia celebrated the day of the flag of the Republic

13 July 2020


A campaign to distribute several thousand miniature copies of the flags of Russia and Ingushetia took place in the region on the Day of the national flag of the Republic, acting Minister for Foreign relations, National policy, Press and Information of the Republic Ruslan Volkov announced.

"For the Day of the national flag of Ingushetia, we held actions in which several thousand small copies of the flags of Russia and Ingushetia were distributed at stationary traffic police posts in different cities of the Republic with the assistance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region and volunteers of the Solidarity Fund. Also, by order of our department, with the support of the Fund for support of Islamic culture, science and education, 2 thousand copies of "Love for the Motherland in Islam" pamphlets were published, which were also presented to the car drivers. All these events are held by us for the development of youth patriotism, moral and spiritual guidelines, " the source of the agency said.

Religious figures of the region also read a collective Mawlid (prayer), which was attended by 150 people - religious figures of the Republic, elders and youth.

The national flag of Ingushetia was approved on July 11, 1999. It is a rectangular white cloth with two green stripes on the upper and lower edges, in the center of which is a red solar sign, which means the eternal movement of the Sun and the Universe. White symbolizes the purity of thoughts and actions, green-the abundance and fertility of the land of the region, as well as Islam, red represents the centuries-old struggle against injustice and the right to live on the land of their ancestors.


GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Based on materials from TASS