In Tatarstan, more than 500 volunteers participate in the "Iftar of the century"

21 May 2020

More than 500 volunteers take part in the distribution of sets for iftar - fasting in the month of Ramadan - to all those in need as part of a charity event of the Religious Board of Muslims of Tatarstan. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Muftiate of the Republic.

"The Republican iftar involves people of different ages - from 17 to 40 years old. They work in preparing lunch boxes and iftar sets, marking, folding products. During the production and delivery of iftar sets, the organizers take all measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, recommended by Rospotrebnadzor," the press service reported.

Every day, more than 30 people participate in the distribution, and in total -more than 500. All volunteers, without exception, are provided with special means of protection - masks, gloves, antiseptic. During the 25 days of Ramadan, iftar boxes have already been delivered to 40 districts of Tatarstan for 25 thousand people in need.

In the month of Ramadan, Tatarstan hosts the eighth Republican iftar, declared the "Iftar of the century".

About 30,000 people will take part in it – twice as many as last year.

In order to ensure security in the context of the pandemic, iftar is implemented in a "home delivery" mode and with a focus on the population in need.


GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS