Mufti of Tatarstan outraged by ban on headscarves in schools

24 November 2022

Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims (RBM) of Tatarstan Mufti Kamil Samigullin expressed his indignation at cases of girls being forced to take off their headscarves (the wearing of which is prescribed by religious traditions) in Russian schools.

"The traditions of the peoples living in our country have common roots, and all praise chastity, modesty, and decency. For example, covering the head with a scarf, in other words the hijab, is not only a tradition of Islam, there are scarves in the Christian tradition... But today we have to watch how girls in schools are forced to take off their headscarves, that is, from the school bench we instill in our children that being religious and following the laws of the Almighty God is wrong. But why? Because it is unacceptable in the West?" - Samigullin said at the conference on "Religious polyphony and national unity" at the Valdai International Club.

The mufti noted with satisfaction that there is no Islamophobia at the state level in multinational Russia.

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Photo: RBM RT

Based on materials from RIA Novosti