Old Muslim books digitized in Tatarstan

25 December 2020


The electronic library of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan has been replenished with 180 copies of books published before 1913, the press-service of the organization told RIA Novosti.

"Thus, today the electronic library Darul-Kutub.com contains 1,073 titles of old books (that's about 1,300 volumes), including classic pre-revolutionary works of Tatar scholars and theologians. It's noteworthy that the Tatarstan Muftiyat is actively cooperating with its Dagestani colleagues, who provide scanned books of Tatar theologians and Hanafi scholars for uploading onto the website," the Muftiyat reported.

In addition, the Muftiyat digitized books that are displayed in the house-museum of Shamil Marjani. The digital library has also been enriched with works of contemporary Tatar theologians.

"The digital library project is being actively developed by the efforts of the Publishing house "Huzur" of the Religious Board of Tatarstan to preserve the Tatar theological heritage and its further study, translation into modern Tatar and Russian languages, as an alternative to foreign works, information counteraction to radical ideologies, and providing Muslims with accessible and authoritative sources of the Hanafi madhhab. The site allows not only to find valuable works, but also to read these books online or download them for free, " the Religious Board of RT reports.


GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: RBM RT