Aramco’s former executive appointed as first female on Saudi Central Bank’s board

09 June 2022

Sheila Al-Rowaily, who worked as a financier with Saudi Aramco, has become the first woman to join the board of directors of Saudi Central Bank, Al Arabiya reports with reference to the statement of the Central Bank. 

According to the channel, King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has approved the appointment of non-governmental employees as members of the board of directors of the Kingdom Central Bank. Along with Sheila Al-Rowaily, four other people joined the board.

Sheila Al-Rowaily started her career at Saudi Aramco in 1998. Since then, she has held a number of senior positions there, including director of financial risk management in the treasury department (2016-2017) and head of global analysis (2018-2019). Since January 2019, Sheila Al-Rowaily has been the CEO of Wisayah Investment Company (a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco).

In 2018, she received her MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).



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Photo: Creative Commons

Based on materials from TASS