Putin noted the growth of trade between Russia and Uzbekistan, despite the pandemic

19 November 2021

The volumes of mutual trade between Russia and Uzbekistan are increasing despite the pandemic, and this is a good indicator that cooperation between the two countries remains successful even in difficult times, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday at a meeting in Moscow with Uzbek leader Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

"Today about 17% of Uzbekistan's total trade turnover falls on Russia. The trade turnover is growing: despite the pandemic, it grew by more than 15% last year, and this is a very good indicator that even in the most difficult times we interact and cooperate successfully," the Russian leader said.

At the beginning of the talks, Mirziyoyev cited figures according to which the Russian-Uzbek trade turnover will reach $7 billion by the end of 2021.

Putin drew attention to the fact that for Russia Uzbekistan is not just the closest neighbor but also an ally. This is a major country, with which Russia has a lot in common "both in the past and today," he stressed.

The Russian president pointed to the "good amount of investment" from Russia in the Uzbek projects, it is more than $10 billion. As Putin said, the two countries have interesting individual initiatives, but the ongoing work is "going on in all directions," both regionally and nationally. This applies to the economy, transport infrastructure and humanitarian ties, he explained.

"Here we have a very large field for joint work. Of course, we have a lot to talk about. I'm very glad to see you. We really haven't seen each other for a long time, welcome," the Russian leader summed up, addressing his Uzbek counterpart.



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS