Ryabkov: SMO Will Be a Complete Success, Achieving All Goals

15 December 2023

Russia will not make concessions, the special military operation will be a complete success, achieving all its goals, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told in an interview with the  International Affairs magazine.


"A lot has changed since February 2022. We've witnessed the developments related to the Ukrainian counter-offensive, as portrayed in the West. New regions are steadily and irreversibly becoming integrated into our socio-political and state framework, reshaping the structure of our society. Many other factors have evolved, so the basis for crafting a future resolution will be markedly different from before. We will not make concessions. The special military operation will achieve complete success, attaining the goals set for it," stated the deputy minister.

The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a direct line and a large press conference that he had no doubt that Russia would win the special military operation.



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Photo: Federation Council

Based on materials from TASS