Volodin Invites Saudi Parliamentarians to Visit Russia in 2024

26 February

During a meeting in Riyadh, Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and Speaker of the Saudi Consultative Council Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh discussed matters regarding strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation. Volodin extended an invitation to Saudi parliamentarians to visit Russia in 2024, suggesting that an agreement between the State Duma and the Consultative Council could be signed during their visit.


"We discussed the issue of signing an agreement between the State Duma and the Consultative Council. It will be appropriate to do it during your return visit to Russia," Volodin remarked.


He highlighted the increasing trade turnover between the two countries and emphasized the importance of enhancing humanitarian cooperation in a systematic manner. Volodin stressed the need for legislative support for decisions made at the level of heads of state, namely the King of Saudi Arabia and the President of the Russian Federation.



Volodin also underscored the significance of introducing new formats of cooperation in the development of inter-parliamentary dialogue.


Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh echoed Volodin's sentiments, emphasizing the historic nature of the Consultative Council's visit and its commitment to strengthening relations with the Russian Federation. He praised the positive dynamics in Saudi-Russian relations, particularly in light of agreements reached between the two heads of state.


Volodin proposed tasking deputy chairmen of the State Duma and the Consultative Council with preparing a plan of joint parliamentary work, a suggestion that Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh supported.


During their visit to the Consultative Council, Volodin and the State Duma delegation were welcomed to a parliamentary session. Additionally, Volodin announced the launch of an Arabic-language version of the State Duma's official website during the meeting.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: State Duma of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS