Zakharova: US Airstrikes in Yemen - A Distraction Tactic from Policy Failures

17 January

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has asserted that the recent United States airstrikes on Yemen are a deliberate attempt to divert attention from its policy failures in the Middle East. Speaking on Sputnik radio, Zakharova suggested that the US government is strategically using military actions to sway voters in the upcoming presidential elections.


"They are concerned about their own benefit, their own conjuncture. How much, by bombing Yemen, will they be able to divert attention from failures in other parts of the region? How much will they be able to create a sense of proactivity, influencing the votes of the electorate? That's what they care about now," Zakharova stated.


She predicted that the United States would go to great lengths to manipulate historical narratives, stating, "They will erase any plaque, burn any history textbook, tear down any monument that testifies to the facts. They will put up a false monument, write a false textbook, nail a false plaque."


Zakharova drew parallels with actions in Eastern European countries, where plaques on memorials to Soviet soldiers are manipulated to downplay their achievements. She explained, "That's the logic; they've been used to doing that all their lives."


"Then the second series will begin, the same one that started in Japan. The Americans bombed [Hiroshima and Nagasaki] with nuclear weapons, and for decades they inculcated in the Japanese the idea that the enemy was the Soviet Union," she continued.


Zakharova emphasized that historical narratives were often manipulated, as seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki museums, where the bombs are portrayed as falling from the sky by themselves, with the Americans cast as messiahs saving Japan.


"I am sure that in all other cases the same logic will dominate on the part of those who carry out the bombings," Zakharova concluded.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from TASS