The acceptance of works for the Award of Chairman of the Group of Strategic Vision Russia-Islamic World Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov - 2019 has been completed

15 August 2019

There has begun the reception of entries for the Prize named after Chairman of the Group of Strategic Vision “Russia – Islamic World” Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov of the year 2019.


On 15 August, the Group of Strategic Vision “Russia – Islamic World” began the reception and publication of entries for the Prize named after Chairman of the Group Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov in 2019. The prize fund is 500 000 roubles.


The national Prize will be awarded for the best work – essay, article (no less than 12 pages of Times New Roman, 12 size font), report, TV or radio programme, film (timekeeping no less than 12 minutes), where the spirituality of Islam, tolerance, quest for peace and justice are highlighted.


The format of works:


Text materials are accepted in Word format.


Photos and illustrations are accepted in jpeg,png,gif formats.


The width should not be more than 1 000 pixels.


Videos are accepted as a link to material on YouTube; audio – as an audio file (attached file or download link) in mp3 format no more than 15 MB.


Participants’ works are accepted only once each. It does not matter when works were published.


Besides the work itself, it is necessary to specify the author’s surname, name and patronymic, place of work (freelancers also can take part in the competition) and contact details in the application.


IMPORTANT: At the time of application, works should already be shown to the general public.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that no additions or corrections to the material posted in the contest section will be made after it has been published on the website.


After sending your request, please, wait for confirmation of its receipt.


The editorial staff of the website does not send any links to the posted works to the participants.


Please, watch them on this webpage on your own.


Please, send your applications by e-mail to:


In case of any questions regarding the rules of participation, please, contact the organizing committee for clarifications at the aforementioned email address.


The editorial staff of the website does not correspond with the participants!

1 – Tagirov, E. R. Challenges of the “Caerus Time”: UN mission/E.R. Tagirov. – Kazan: Publishing House “Knowledge” of the Kazan Innovation University, 2019. – 360 p; Electronic version of the book.

2 – Khatyleva (Nigmatullina) Yuliya Talgatovna, correspondent of SUE TRK “Bashkortostan” of the Bashkortostan Republic.

3 – Gafarova Lira, The High Mission Has Rallied the residents of the Sanninskoye Village/ Blagovarskiye Vesty (public and political newspaper of the Blagovarsky district of the Bashkortostan Republic).

4 – Nafikov Dinar Amirovich / Place of work: the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Tyumen Region. / Occupation: Mass Media and Public Relations Mufti Counsellor.

5 – Akhmadiev Farit Vafievich, a journalist of the Internet edition “PROUFU”, lecturer at the Bashkir State University.

The short film “Graceful Knowledge”


6 – Relic. Summer Stones/ The author: Margarita Gafarova/ Place of work: VGTRK GTRK “Bashkortostan”.

7 – Asya Gagieva, a blogger from

The Lesson. A Poem about the Prophet


8 – Suyargulova Zulfiya Maratovna, a correspondent of the TV Company “Salavat” (the city of Salavat, Bashkortostan Republic).

About the work:
The “Spiritual Wednesday” show for God’s sake.
Mejlis of Imams of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Religious leaders of our country and our republic are sure that the power means harmony and unity. The good goal is to organize cooperation and mutual support, which is being implemented in the Cathedral Mosque An-Nabi in the city of Salavat. Thus, the clergymen have conducted mejlis Imams of the Republic of Bashkortostan, which included a lot of actual undertakings.


The Salavat delegation in holy places

Safe travels with good intentions and the support of the Almighty! The delegation of the Cathedral Mosque has visited Kazan and the ancient settlement of Bolgar – the place, which is directly connected with the adoption of Islam by the peoples of the Volga Region.


Islam is the religion of peace and purity of thought!

Representatives of more than 160 nationalities live in Bashkortostan today. There are 12 religious centres and 1893 religious organizations. In our republic, as well as in our city, the situation in the sphere of international and inter-religious relations remains stable. However, one always should remember about the existing threat. Discussion of geopolitical realities and prevention of terrorism and extremism takes place in our country at the highest level. One of the Mejlis was held also in Salavat.

9 – Farit Gubaev/Paris-Kazan: The Cultural Capitals of the World///Kazan-Paris: Capitales de la Culture du Monde.



10 – Timiryaeva Ekaterina Pavlovna. State Unitary Enterprise TRK “Bashkortostan” of the Bashkortostan Republic. The programme “Interview”, the guest of which was Chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Bashkortostan Republic Aynur Birgalin. In the framework of the programme, which was aired on 25/10/2019 by the main republican TV channel "Bashkir Satellite TV", the ideals and values of Islam in the educational space of the XXI century were discussed.

The link to the video:

11 – Bakanova Marina. The Chief Doctor of the Hospital (Dua Hospital Pakistan), an analyst, journalist, the author if 24 scientific works (in the field of health care) and 6 popular science books. An expert in South and Central Asia. A semifinalist of the personnel contest “Leaders of Russia 2018-19” and finalist of the personnel contests “My Dagestan” and “Leaders of the Ivanovo Region”.

The work has been published here:

12 – Khabibullin Fanuz Afghalovich, the manager of the newspaper “Кызыл таң”. “Gordiy babay”

The material has been published in the newspaper “Кызыл таң” on 08/08/2019

13 – Film “The Wealth of Hope and Love”. This film is created by the TV studio of the Muslim religious organization of the Kirov Region, the city of Ufa “Ikhlas” 

14 – Musina Elena Sergeevna. The affiliate FSUE VGTRK GTRK “Bashkortostan”.

The cycle of programmes devoted to the family values:

Love and hope


Link between generations


Soul melody.

15 – Kinzyabaeva Nuriya Salavatovna, employee of the radio “Yuldash” and “Ashkadar”.

Audiowork: Тыуган Тойак(Кугарчинский р-н, Аулиа тау).mp3

16 – Ibatullin Galimyan Zinnurovich. The affiliate FSUE VGTRK GTRK “Bashkortostan”.

A cycle of programmes “Traveler’s Path”.

1. Holy Narystau Mountain


Kilimovsky Palace


Orenburg Caravanserai


 Hussaini Mosque in Orenburg


Turakhan and Husainbek Mausoleum


17 - Editorial office of the journal "Vatandash" (socio-political, popular science and art monthly magazine).



18 - Enikeev Ildar Rifgatovich. TV Programm "Дөнья Коръән кәрим укый"


19 - Elvira Halikova. The articles “Faith and Creativity Saves” and “Extremism and Terrorism Doesn't Have Religious Affiliation”



20 - Davletshin Alfred Amirovich, author and host of "Balkysh" Programms


21 - Mukhamet Mustafovich Gallyamov. TV series "Balkysh" dedicated to the life of Muslims of Russia


22 - Baijanova Julia Shamilovna. Article “Cleansing Journey”


23 - Russia Mufties Council. "Path to Paradise"


24 - Muslim Religious Board of Republic of Tatarstan. Tafsir (translation of the meanings) of the Holy Quran to Tatar language.


25 - Ashirov Nail Kamilovich. Interview with Talgat Tajuddin: “On the northern outskirts of Islam. To the 225th anniversary of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia.


26 - Fatkullin Baitulla Sharifullovich. The broadcast "Асык студия" ("Open Studio") on Bashkir language. Subject: "Halal means permitted."


27 - Film: "Arkhangelsk Cathedral Mosque: When a tree is stronger than stone."

Director: Renat Abyanov


28 - Fayaz Fuatovich Yumaguzin. A selection of publications on the topic of Islam in  "Sterlitamak Worker" newspaper.


The photo:
The official website of the President
of the Tatarstan Republic